Grades Taught

K - 6


École Brentwood Elementary School is a dual-track kindergarten to grade six school that serves the town of Strathmore, Alberta. Since September 2016, the school has offered a French Immersion Program. As a dual-track school, we are extremely proud of the diverse learning opportunities offered to our students.

École Brentwood Elementary School is a dual-track kindergarten to grade six school in Strathmore, Alberta. Since September 2016, our school has proudly offered a French Immersion program, showcasing our commitment to diverse learning opportunities.

Deliberately aligning with our school mission and vision, we actively foster connections to Powerful Learning. This intentional approach results in enhanced learning outcomes for both students and staff. The essence of Powerful Learning lies in a profound curricular understanding, coupled with instruction promoting lifelong learning and encouraging students to be engaged citizens.

To instill a passion for learning, our school endeavours to provide students with boundless learning opportunities, enabling them to become engaged thinkers adept at facing challenges critically, creatively, and collaboratively.

Key to facilitating these opportunities are partnerships with school stakeholders. The collaborative efforts of school staff, students, families, and the broader school community ensure that our family-centred school remains responsive to the diverse needs of our student population.

Above all else, École Brentwood Elementary School is not just a place of education; it is a vibrant community where curiosity is nurtured and dreams are encouraged to take flight. As we look to the future, École Brentwood Elementary School remains committed to fostering an environment where every child can flourish academically, socially, and personally.


Ensuring a culture of powerful thinking and engaged thinkers



A family-centred school, built on a foundation of excellence, creating boundless learning opportunities