Grades Taught

K - 6


École Brentwood Elementary School is a dual-track kindergarten to grade six school that serves the town of Strathmore, Alberta. The school presently has a student population of 235. Since September 2016, the school has offered a French Immersion Program. Currently, the French Immersion program includes students from kindergarten to grade five, with an additional grade being added each year until it operates from kindergarten through to grade six. As a dual-track school, we are extremely proud of the diverse learning opportunities offered to our students.

At École Brentwood Elementary School, we are deliberate in our efforts to live our school mission and vision as we build connections to Powerful Learning.  As a result of such intentional connections, enhanced student and staff learning emerge.  A deep curricular understanding, along with instruction that instills lifelong learning and encourages students to be engaged citizens, is at the core of Powerful Learning.

In order to cultivate a passion for learning, at École Brentwood Elementary School we strive to support students by providing them with boundless learning opportunities that enable them to become engaged thinkers who have the capacity to face challenges critically, creatively and collaboratively.  

Partnerships with school stakeholders are key to providing boundless learning opportunities.  As such, school staff, students, families and the larger school community work closely with one another to ensure that our family-centered school is able to meet the needs of our diverse population of students.


Below you will find our Vision and Mission. These guide our decisions and actions so that we can provide students with what they need to be successful both in and out of school.



Our Vision and Mission are closely linked to Golden Hills School Division's Powerful Learning document. Follow us on Facebook (École Brentwood Elementary) to see what this looks like in classrooms!