Grade 4-6 Run Club

In the fall and spring, members of the Run Club spend some time each week building their stamina for long-distance running!  The club, which is typically led by an enthusiastic group of parents, not only practice but take part in some organized runs as well.  The fall run organized by the high school is always a lot of fun for the kids, and they experience what it is like to take part in a competitive run.  Brentwood School also hosts a Brentwood Fun Run where students from schools across the district get together for an afternoon of running.


Grade 5-6 Golf Team

In the fall of 2019, we officially kicked off our golf program by teaming up with the Strathmore Golf Course in order to offer a 12-week
golf program for interested students in grades 5 and 6.  The program entails the students hitting the course for 24 sessions in total: 12 sessions in the fall and 12 sessions in the spring. Students taking part in the program are introduced to the lifelong sport of golf and the inherent values of the game during
health and physical education classes. Not only do students learn basic golf motor skills and fundamentals of the game, but values
such as integrity, respect and perseverance are reinforced through the lessons.

Program Objectives
 Provide a safe, introductory golf program that aligns with physical education and health goals.
 Develop student appreciation for the positive personal and social values associated with the game of golf.
 Present golf to students as a lifelong recreation and health-enhancing activity.


Grade 6 Basketball Team

In the spring, interested grade 6 students come together to form the Brentwood School Basketball Team!  Like in volleyball, the players meet several days a week after school to further develop their basketball skills.  The inter-divisional tournament at the season is always a big hit, and Brentwood School is known for the big impact they make on the court!


Grade 6 Volleyball Team

Grade 6 students practice several times after week school during volleyball season to hone in on their volleyball skills.  As a finale, the team takes part in an inter-divisional tournament hosted by one of the elementary schools in Strathmore.  It is a great opportunity for students to experience what it is like to be part of a school-based athletic team prior to heading to junior high.