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Student Leadership


Grade 6 Leadership Team

At Brentwood School, we strive to provide a variety of opportunities for students to develop and practice effective leadership skills while demonstrating their talents, interests, and skills.  The Student Leadership Team at Brentwood is comprised of eager grade 6 students who are interested in representing fellow students and playing an active role in decisions and activities that impact the entire school community in a positive way. 

Joining the Student Leadership Team provides students with the opportunity to further enhance their time at Brentwood by allowing them to organize and take part in many events for the students and staff.  They have the opportunity to make a difference, to create opportunities, and to have input with a variety of matters within the school.  Some of the initiatives that the Student Leadership Team may undertake include!

  • Planning school spirit days
  • Recognizing students at monthly assemblies
  • Presenting school guests with tokens of appreciation
  • Capturing memorable school experiences on camera
  • Lensing a helping hand with school presentations
  • Making morning announcements over the intercom
  • Taking visitors on school tours

Becoming a member of the GRADE 6 LEADERSHIP TEAM is a great way to develop key leadership skills while having loads of fun!