French Immersion



We are now accepting registrations for French Immersion Kindergarten and Grades 1-6

French Immersion at École Brentwood Elementary School 

École Brentwood Elementary School currently offers French Immersion programming for students in Kindergarten to Grade Six. Students can enter French Immersion starting in Kindergarten or Grade One.  Students begin their learning by focusing on their oral language development. As their vocabulary and understanding of the French Language grow, they expand their literacy to include reading and writing. 

Students follow the same curriculum in  Math, Science, and Social Studies as their  English counterparts, but their language of instruction is in French. They begin formal learning in English Language Arts beginning in Grade Three. 


Benefits of French Immersion  

- Provides students with the opportunity to learn  a second language 

- Promotes an appreciation of different cultures  and languages around the world 

- Enhances cognitive abilities to read and write in  both English and French 

- Creates future career opportunities 

- Enhances problem-solving skills, flexibility, and  creative thinking 

- Promotes an understanding and appreciation  of Francophone culture 

- Makes learning additional languages easier 


Frequently Asked Questions 

I don’t speak French so how do I help my child?  

French Immersion programs are designed for families who do not speak French at home. Parents can support their child’s learning by providing a literacy-rich environment at home where they read with their child and model reading strategies learned in class with their child in English at home. 

I am worried my child’s English reading and writing will be affected if they start Immersion in  Kindergarten.  

This development of reading and writing skills transfers between languages. By reading with your child in English, you are building their literacy skills in English while promoting their French development as well. 

Can my child still participate in Fine Arts and other extra-curricular programming?  

Of course. As a school, we value an inclusive climate and actively work to ensure students in  French Immersion have the same opportunities as their English counterparts. Students in French Immersion still participate in the school choir, the  school Christmas concert, and still have access to the same academic support as students in the  English stream