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Kyle Green

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Teacher - Music

Where Did You Grow Up: Red Deer, Edmonton and Strathmore

Role at Brentwood: Grade 5 Teacher, Tech Guy and FNMI Facilitator

Years at Brentwood: Decades

Hobbies: Writing and playing music, martial arts, snorkeling and SCUBA

Favourite Author/Book: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

What Makes You Smile or Laugh: I love good stand up comedy.  My wife is hilarious. 

What Are You Absolutely Determined to Do: Finish writing my book

What Do You Wish You Knew More About: I wish I was multilingual.  It's so difficult to learn new languages when you get older. Right now, I'm trying to learn more Korean, Blackfoot and Spanish.

Claim to Fame: CJAY 92 played one of my songs under their weather and traffic report.

I Bet You Never Knew That......I helped train MMA fighters.  One of my sparring buddies went up against Tank Abbott.